Tuesday, October 27, 2015:


Hearings on H-1991
Rooms A1/A2, State House
Official Times: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


Show up between 10-11am and keep your seat in the hearing room. The other side will be showing up early, but we want to fill the room first!


H – 1991 will be the only bill heard.


Please be there but do not feel obliged to testify; there is strength even merely in your presence. Although we would not encourage everyone to just get up and testify (as the argument not given delicately could do more harm than good), it would be great to have as many from our side as possible at the hearing. If people would like to testify, they should follow the secular, non-partisan talking points found here, while not being afraid to discuss a personal story that gives you insight into the dangers of these laws for the marginalized many. Concentrate on the arguments and personal experience that show this law actually limits choice for most people rather than giving them more autonomy.


There will be representatives from the coalition handing out No On H-1991 stickers. Please get one before you find a seat.


Thanks very much for all you do to stop the legalization of assisted suicide!